Must Reads:

  • Brian Buetler: How the media is blowing the Obamacare rollout
    <-How insurance companies are unreliable narrators on health-insurance “rate shock”, and how the ObamaCare rollout badly needs some truth-in-insurance-advertising to make health insurance companies act like the public utilities they always should have been…

  • Christina Romer: Monetary Policy in the Post-Crisis World <- “I remember vividly being at a meeting of central bankers… in September 2009. All of the talk was: ‘We have stopped the crisis. Now what we need to do is go back to [being] prudent… [and] worrying about inflation’. Yet unemployment was still risin–it would hit 10% in October 0f 2009. Every inch of my body wanted to scream… ‘Oh no, you are not done!’ Monetary policymakers, unfortunately, did take a break from aggressive action in 2010 and 2011…”

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