Manufacturing employment, trade and structural change

Project Summary:

The political resonance of the decline in U.S. manufacturing employment has reached a fever pitch in recent years, with calls for a return of manufacturing jobs. But how feasible is such a goal in light of structural changes in the U.S. economy, such as technological growth? This project will try to answer this question by developing a model that will decompose the total decline in manufacturing into decline due to structural change and decline due to increased international trade. It also aims to put the decline of manufacturing in a global perspective. It proposes to study cross-country patterns of structural change by studying 25 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries, offering a new look at the current controversy of trade versus technology in employment.


Guillermo Gallacher is a PhD student at University of Washington. He was a teaching assistant at University of Washington and Universidad del CEMA. He graduated with a licentiate in Economics with honors from Universidad del CEMA. His research interests lie in the areas of international trade and macroeconomics. Guillermo is currently working on topics related to globalization, structural change and inequality, from both a theoretical and empirical perspective.